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Product Range

Sawn Timber

Grades: U/S, S/F, 4th

Available Sizes: 25/100/125/150/200; 32/100/125/150; 38/100/125/150; 50/100/125/150/200;

Other sizes are also possible. Please get in touch. 


Grades: Extra, A, A/B, B/C

Available size: 27/142. Lengths: various availalbe (3-6m). 


Smooth or Antislip. We can also ship our decking pre-treated with colour. 

Cladding (Internal and External)

Grades: Extra, A, A/B, B/C.

Available designs:Tongue & Grove, Shiplap, Log imitation, Brick Imitation and others.


Some desings are available in brushed/textured finish for internal use. 


Available in Siberian Larch or Angara Pine. 

Planed Boards

Grades: Extra, A, A/B, B/C

Available Sizes: D20mm x W90/120/140. Lengths: Various (2-4m). 

Can be used as cladding (internal and external); any type of purpose build garden screens/ furniture/storage; also great to use for slated screen fences

Wooden/Outdoor Tiles

Grade: A, B

Available size: 320mm x 320mm (each tile).


Different designs available. Please view our Gallery for more ideas. 


Grades: Extra, A, A/B, B/C.

We produce a range of parquet flooring that can be arranged in different patterns. We love it! Its creates a unique contemporary look. Check out our Floors page for more details.  


We also produce a range of engineered floor boards that can offer a similar look and feel and are suitable for use with underfloor heating. 


Grade: n/a

Available sizes: 90mmx90mm, 43mmx68mm, 48mmx50mm, and others. Angara Pine: 32mmx62mm, and others. Lengths: Varied (2-4m). 


These are well suited for outside fences, gates and other structures. 



Wooden Building Blocks

Grade: n/a

These are wooden bricks (size 140mm x 143mm) that are used to build complete buildings. These are great for outdoor sheds/studios/saunas. They are cost effective, eco-friendly and have very high thermal efficency. Contact us to find out more. 

Joiner's Panels (for use in furniture manufacturing)

Grade: AE.

Jointed panels used in furntiture production. Size varies. 

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