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About Us

Who we are.

We are a specialised, highly modernised mill in Siberia Irkytsk Region. We work primarily with Siberian Larch and also Siberian (Angara) pine. We produce a full range of sawn timber, machined goods & furniture panels. We ship these products in containers anywhere around the world. 

We also have a design studio in London offering smaller retail quantities and complete installation service of our parquet and engineered Siberian Larch flooring. 

Why DeKom?

We are modern, we are creative, we are quality, we are reliable, we are flexible. 

We aim to maintain a long term relationships with all our customers and are always here to help with any unusual sizes or requests; so that you can serve your customers better.

Our production line consists of ultra modern Swedish and German machinery. We specialise only in 2 wood species achieving highest quality and product expertise.  


We are 100% FSC registered.

Why Siberian Larch and Pine?

Through surviving some of the toughest winters, Angara pine and the Siberian larch possess unique timber qualities.

Siberian larch is famous for its high density (650 kg/m3) and exceptional durability. Larch is practically one of the best when it comes to resistance to atmospheric influences. Due to a combination of high density and high resinousness and also because of the specific composition of larch resin, it is highly resistant to rotting. More about Why Siberian Larch.


For internal use, Larch offers a unique grain producing a very modern and elegant flooring. Larch has the same Janker (wood hardness test) scale as oak offerig durability as well as looks.


Angara pine is far superior to the European pine widely used in construction. It has higher density, durability and is much easier in processing. It is also renowned for its antibacterial and heat-preserving properties.

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